Run a Small Backup Service with Rsync and Cron

I shared a code that allows to run a small backup service with rsync and cron. The goal is to run an independent service that will runs every hour or every day, connect to remote SFTP server and upload the changes. Rsync allow to upload only changed or new files. This solution works very fast.

Use Case: Landing Page for Marketing Campaign With DOI Email

Simple landing page for a marketing campaign to capture lead details with an ability to send a double-opt-in confirmation email and register the lead in the remote client system via SOAP API.

Use Case: Backend for a Small IoT Project

The goal of this project is to build a lightweiht backend for a small IoT project that allows to get and keep the data set from the device sensors. There are a many identical devices that use standard MQTT protocol to send the data to the backend for analyse and store the data, and provides a small API to expose some sort of data that used for the mobile application.

Use Case: Call History Service

The goal of this project is to build the service that will sync new files periodically from the service provider, that keeps the files for the short period. Then extracts the records from the CSV files and keep the data for the future use to provide the call history for each customer via API.

The Better Async Way to Connect to MongoDB in NodeJs

You may need to be sure that your application is connected to MongoDB before the run anything else. So let’s make the connection code more useful.

Running Cron Tasks on Docker

Sometimes there cases when you just need to run a simple cron task. It is very important do not break stable things that you already have. So, let’s try to run a cronjob in a separate Docker container.

Serverless Example: Sending Transactional Emails via SendGrid and Google Cloud Functions

Serverless is a trend in software and it could be useful in some cases. I prepared a simple example that demonstrates how to send a simple transactional email via SendGrid using Google Cloud Functions. The main idea is to split the complex function into simple sub-functions that could be managed independently.

For example, you have a simple newsletter subscription sub-system, consists of the subscription form, some kind of confirmation or/and welcome email, and some kind of function that should send this email to the end user. I want to keep the process of editing the email content for subscription form styles as simple as possible.

Fast Way to Run a Secured Mosquitto MQTT Broker in the Docker

For example, you need to run the Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT Broker for a some simple IoT project. You need to be able to send the messages to the MQTT broker but you want to restrict the unnecessary access.

Sending HTML Emails in NodeJs with Nodemailer

I have created a small NodeJs/Express application to demonstrate in a simple case how to send HTML emails. I have used Nodemailer to send the emails and Email Templates to create and send emails using custom templates.

Build and Deploy Your Hugo Site to a Server With Gitlab CI/CD

This is the short case about how I build and deploy Hugo site to my own server with Gitlab CI/CD.

Adding a Custom SSL Configuration for SendGrid

This is just an additional note for the how to setup custom SSL configuration to enable SSL click and open tracking.

This could be required when you switching your site to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. This manual will help if you can’t use CDN to setup the SSL for you site.

At this point, your site should be verified by SendGrid and you already use SSL for your site.

Dockerizing Gulp Tasks

The main idea is to get a predictable result when assembling in different environments and allow to keep your system clean.

I have created an example repo which based on the boilerplate FastShell framework and wraps Sass, Gulp, and BrowserSync to demonstrate how to use Docker to build the front-end for your project.

Hello World

Hi, my name is Anton Lebedev. I’m a software engineer and CTO of CimpleO.

The mission of this blog is to improve my own expertise in different aspects related to things that I’m working on.

I’m passionate about to get more experience in build sites with Drupal, automation of things, designing and building services, data analysis, dockerizing and functional programming with Go.